Toussaint Louverture – La Fierte Creole, Alliance Française de Toronto, MARDI 7 AVRIL Chants, poésies, danses rendront hommage à celui qui a joué un rôle historique de premier plan en tant que chef de la Révolution haïtienne mais aussi à l’une des grandes figures des mouvements anticolonialiste, abolitionniste et d’émancipation des Noirs. Né en 1743, Toussaint Louverture est le fils d’un roi … Read more

10th Anniversary Awards – October 26, 2017

We are celebrating our 10th year.   Incorporated in 2007 as a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code, Le Flambeau Foundation is dedicated to intellectual infrastructure development for Haiti via the provision of educational opportunities for Haitian youth.  Our accomplishments include the awarding of full college scholarships, THE SPARK of Le Flambeau … Read more

Former president of Haiti to visit Claflin

The Times and Democrat, Orangeburg, South Carolina, January 29, 2017 Former Haiti President Michel Joseph Martelly will make a historic visit to Claflin University on Thursday, Feb. 2, as part of the university’s Visionary Leader in Residence program. He will discuss issues in Haiti as well as opportunities for faculty, staff and student engagement. Martelly … Read more

Michel Martelly, lecturer to Claflin University

IciHaiti, January 29, 2017 On Thursday 2 February, former President of Haiti Michel Martelly (14 May 2011 – 7 February 2016), accompanied by his wife Sophia, will make a historic visit to the Claflin University as part of the university’s Visionary Leader in Residence program, to discuss issues in Haiti as well as opportunities for … Read more

New Year’s & Independence Day Recipe

Dear Friends, On January 1st 2017 we celebrate the arrival of a new year filled with powerful optimism for an outstanding series of new achievements. On this same day we also celebrate the 213th anniversary of the independence of our beloved Haïti (January 1, 1804) – setting a precedent that opened the doors of opportunity for … Read more

New Year’s Feast of Soup Joumou

These Le Flambeau Foundation Culture Sharing Vignettes are presented as part of the Foundation’s commitment to education for our youth in Haiti .  Food for the mind, soul and heart.   Haitians all over the world make Soup Joumou every New Year’s Day (January 1st) to celebrate the independence of Haiti on January 1st, 1804.  Haiti cast off … Read more

Holiday Highlights 2016

December 24, 2016 Dear Friends: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! It seems as if the year 2016 came and went in the blink of an eye and we now find ourselves facing the end, and the beginning. Natural disasters, political shifts, and economic restructuring; all played a role in this year’s story. From a Le Flambeau Foundation standpoint … Read more

Graduation Remarks from Scholar Ruchama

Le Flambeau Foundation Scholar Ruchama recently graduated from college with a major in Accounting and a minor in music; from College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO . The graduation ceremony was held on May 8, 2016. Le Flambeau Foundation, represented by board member S. Colas-Gervais, along with family and many many friends; participated in the celebration.  Scholar Ruchama is an alumna of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program. It is clear that as she takes her next steps she will proudly carry the torch forward for Haiti, and for the world. Congratulations!

May 23, 2016, from Scholar Ruchama.

Ruchama Graduation walk May 8 2016, closeIt is time to reflect on the last semester, recap the four years spent in college, and highlight the key lessons learned during this period of time. On the one hand, this past semester was very exciting as I was looking forward to completing my last semester of college in the U.S. which I consider a miracle; on the other hand, it was filled with emotions – especially, when I looked back to reflect on many things and the people that I have met on and off campus. I have felt truly connected with them during the past few years. As the days of my graduation approached, my heart pounded with each day passing by.  As I imagined the time spent in Missouri and planned my departure after graduation, I could not really ingest the fact that I would soon pack and leave.

This past semester was also challenging with classes, work on campus, and with an internship during this past high season of income tax return preparation.  I have learned to balance my time between school, work, and personal life.

The four years spent in college were significant due to the education of the head, heart, and hands gotten, the development of my character, the wisdom I have acquired, and the strength I have built. I would never trade this period of time for anything. Today, as a college graduate, I thank God for paving the way before me, opening the doors, and giving me the strength, determination, and perseverance needed for such accomplishment. My sincere heartfelt thanks go to Le Flambeau Foundation – Thank you for being the trailblazer in my eager moment of education – Thank you for your unselfishness, your kindness, and the sacrifices made. Thank you to all who contribute to make this possible. I could never do this alone. By accomplishing this, I have discovered that anything is possible if one is willing to sacrifice time and effort to achieve whatever in life.

Some days were not easy during my college career. I felt exhausted and missed my family; however, my mind has been set. I believed this education was one of the greatest gifts I could offer myself, honor my family, and use it to serve others.  No matter what would happen, I would fight for it. My busyness and my exhaustion could not be use as pretexts to justify my failure.

We all make mistakes, but learn from them and make sure not to spend all your life committing the same ones. Blaming others and making excuses are not justifications of your failure. Therefore, no one is responsible of your failure. Life offers one chance, sometimes a second one, perhaps a third one, be prompted enough to make a decision and seize the opportunity given. No matter what you do – do it with all your strength, mind and soul.

Yes, I have graduated but the work does not stop here. The spirit still lives on.  The torch is lit; it has brought light in my life by making a big difference. I have to carry it forward and pass it on. At any point of my life I will never forget where I am from. Haiti is where my root is; the country dear to my heart.  The best way to give back to my people is to invest in the young generation which I consider as the pivot of Haiti. What I have acquired in my life, I will share with those who are not that privileged. Giving back in my profession is to give back precious time and knowledge to help in education. The other significant way to give back is to assume roles of leadership. It is my dream and vision for a prosperous, educated Haiti – to do so, everyone needs to play their part in the symphony.


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