• Awarding college scholarships case-by-case to character and leadership gifted Haitian students living in Haiti, to attend U.S. institutions.
  • Major must be in Agriculture, Engineering or International Commerce.
  • Scholarships cover tuition, room & board, and transportation.
  • Selected scholars are required to make a financial contribution.  Amount is based on the type of scholarship earned.  Payment is made directly to the school.
  • Previous engagement with the Le Flambeau Foundation via THE SPARK of Le Flambeau Foundation and other Foundation programs, is required for scholarship consideration.
  • Also awarding recognition and TOEFL test stipends for exceptional performers in any of our programs.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Haitian citizen with a H.S. GPA of 2.7 or better (U.S. 4pt. system or equivalent) – applicants must be Haitians living in Haiti, must have completed High School (rheto and philo) and should be no older than 26 years of age.
  • Active Participant in THE SPARK of Le Flambeau language exchange preparatory program – applicants should have participated for at least two full semester sessions.
  • Leadership Talent – applicants must demonstrate strong TEAM leadership qualities.
  • Character –  applicants must have a character of integrity, perseverance, work ethic and exceptional passion for rebuilding Haiti.
  • Economically Challenged – applicants must be unable to meet cost requirements of earning a college education.
  • Return to Help Haiti – applicants must commit to return to Haiti upon graduation and devote a minimum of two years working on initiatives that drive economic growth for Haiti.

IMPORTANT:  scholarships are awarded case-by-case and are not guaranteed annually.  Access to educational programming, test stipends and opportunities; are on-going.  Youth may sign-up for Le Flambeau Youth Club in order to get engaged and earn such rewards. 

How to Apply

Meet Requirements – all requirements listed above must be met in order to begin the application process.
  1. Submit  TOEFL results – the applicant must take the TOEFL test and have the results sent directly to Le Flambeau Foundation Inc. (target score  is 75 +).  ORIGINAL results are to be sent from the TOEFL office directly to Le Flambeau Foundation Inc.
  2. Interview – the applicant will need to interview with one of the designated Le Flambeau Foundation representatives in Haiti.  The Le Flambeau Foundation must have received the TOEFL test results (target score  is 75 +) before an interview can be scheduled.  To schedule an interview the applicant should send an e-mail to requesting the interview.  Applicant should make sure that TOEFL test results have been received by the Le Flambeau Foundation and that all requirements listed above have been met, prior to requesting an interview.  Applicant must have proof of active participation in THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program.
  3. Application – a scholarship application packet will be provided to the applicant upon successful completion of the interview.  An essay describing the applicant’s passion for learning and for giving back to Haiti will be a part of the packet.  Notarized High School (secondaire – last 4 years) grades transcripts and 3 written references will be needed with the application.  Applications must be complete in order to be considered. If you have questions while completing the application we encourage you to contact us early via e-mail – we are happy to respond.  Get your applications in early.
  4. Selection of Scholars – all scholarship recipients are reviewed and selected by an independent scholarship committee.  Again, scholarships are awarded case-by-case based on the student and availability of a scholarship.
Application Due Dates:  Applications due 1st week in February (to Le Flambeau Foundation office in U.S., original documents) Estimated Response Date: April School Semester Start Date: August