About Us

Le Flambeau Foundation works to provide educational opportunities for talented youth in Haiti, with the vision of further developing the intellectual infrastructure of Haiti.

Through various initiatives Le Flambeau Foundation works towards providing access to preparatory English language programing, funding scholarships for higher education, and enabling shorter-term upskilling; all designed to foster circular sustainable in-country professions and job creation for talented youth in Haiti.  This is key when you consider that among students completing high school in Haiti, less than 1% are able to access college or other post-secondary school education.

Le Flambeau Foundation programming is focused on Haiti’s core growth engines – AGRICULTURE, TECHNOLOGY and BUSINESS.  Upon completion, youth scholars make a commitment to extend themselves to other youth in Haiti, working on initiatives that will pass the torch and continue to contribute to the economic rebuilding of Haiti.

Haiti, a poor country in the Western Hemisphere, is rich with exceptionally bright young people who serve as a beacon of hope for the future. The January 12th earthquake in Haiti, the worst catastrophe in recent history, intensified an already exceptionally challenging situation.  Specifically, prior to the earthquake, Haiti’s average wage rate was US$2 per day, the average per household annual income was US$250, unemployment was +70% with an extreme shortage of skilled labor.

The Le Flambeau Foundation serves as a portal providing youth of Haiti with educational opportunities that will prepare them to rebuild and lead the country’s transition.  Education is unanimously considered to be the most effective means to overriding economic, political, and historical barriers – for the long-term.  The Le Flambeau Foundation is the spark of a movement that will take us to a brighter sustainable future.  The Torch is Lit.  We carry it forward and Pass it On!

The Le Flambeau Foundation is a US 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, founded in 2007.