The Many Faces of Fatherhood

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc., June 16, 2024 Fatherhood takes many shapes. As Le Flambeau Foundation president Jean St.Lot-Gervais shared, fathers are like the bow of an archer, while mothers are the string. Together, they propel their children, the arrows, towards their potential. This powerful image, passed down from his own father, Ambassador Emile Saint-Lot, … Read more

Youth In Haiti Discuss Future

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc., June 28, 2024 Our experiences partnered with culture and the fresh perspectives of our youth, form a powerful force for building strong futures.   During March and April of this year, we had discussions with youth in Haiti via our THE SPARK of Le Flambeau English discussion program – a program … Read more

Haiti Historical Resources

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc. – June 28, 2024 As Haiti becomes more and more visible,  we continue to receive  requests for educational resources for learning about Haiti.  Provided below is a list of books that can be helpful in beginning to understand the local and global landscape, and where Haiti fits in it. Suggested … Read more

Honoring Memorial Day

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc., May 27, 2024 This Memorial Day, we remember and honor the fallen heroes who built the foundation of our nation, including those who fought in the Battle of Savannah on October 9th 1779. We pay our deepest respects to the fallen soldiers, from all backgrounds and nationalities, who defended our … Read more

Happy Haitian Flag Day / Fèt Drapo – May 18, 2024

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc., May 2024 May 18, 2024 is the 221st year of Haitian Flag Day/ Fèt Drapo.  This day is celebrated in Haiti and in many U.S. cities with large populations of Haitian Americans. Haitian Flag Day celebrates the creation of the Flag of Haiti during the Haitian revolution.  The day is celebrated … Read more

A Mother’s Story – Lessons of the Heart

This article is a re-print from our archives.  First published on May 11, 2012.  Ms. Deb Fallahay, who served as the educational advisor and grader in the THE SPARK of Le Flambeau exchange program for three years (2010-2012), contributed this heartwarming story. While working as the assistant director for the executive MBA program at the University … Read more

Babbel Partnership Honors Haitian Heritage Month

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc., 5/1/24 In honor of Haitian Heritage Month,  during the month of May Babbel (#1 language learning app in the world) is again partnering with the Le Flambeau Foundation to raise scholarship funds for youth in Haiti.   We  invite you to participate in this fundraising opportunity.  Join the movement – donate … Read more

May is Haitian Heritage Month

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc., April 30, 2024 May is Haitian Heritage Month, a time during which we acknowledge and celebrate the countless contributions of individuals from the Haitian Diaspora to the U.S. and to our global communities.  This month-long celebration grew from the May 18th Haitian Flag Day which is a celebration of liberation … Read more

Grand Winner THE SPARK of Le Flambeau 2024

This Spring 2024 class session of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau ran for five weeks during the months of February and March, with youth in Haiti. Our volunteer Ms. Alexis (Floyd) came back by popular demand and led the session as English Grader for the sixth time.  We congratulate the youth in Haiti who participated in … Read more