Haitian Diaspora Expresses Frustrations With U.S. Haiti Policy at Congressional Hearing

WLRN, By TIM PADGETT, December 10, 2019 The House Foreign Affairs Committee in Washington held a hearing Tuesday on the worsening crisis in Haiti. Haitian expats, some from Miami, expressed frustrations with Trump Administration policy towards Haiti. The U.S. House’s Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere called the hearing “Haiti on the Brink.” The country is … Read more

In Haiti, protests wane, some schools open but crisis far from over

Reuters, by Andre Paultre, Sarah Marsh, December 4 , 2019 PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) – Anti-government protests in Haiti are waning, with schools and businesses trying to re-open in the face of political gridlock and heightened violence in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country. Demonstrations began in September against President Jovenel Moise over allegations of corruption and mismanagement, … Read more