The Revolution That Gave Birth to Haiti, K-12 Comic Book Project

This is a Duke University project that Le Flambeau Foundation supports. Duke University Forum for Scholars and Publics (FSP), January 1, 2021 “We release the English and Haitian Creole versions of “The Revolution That Gave Birth to Haiti” on this Haitian Independence Day, January 1, 2021, in recognition of the Haitian Revolution’s continuing significance. We … Read more

Freedom Seeking through Cultural Immersion and African Spirituality in Haiti

FunTimes, By Oga Africa, Jan 01, 2021 On Haiti’s Independence Day, we explore the country’s African history and traditional African practices that were used in tandem with physical revolt during the Haitian Revolution. The island formerly known as Hispaniola and Saint-Domingue, was originally inhabited by the Taino and Ciboney people. When the Spanish arrived on … Read more