Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Library of Congress, January 15, 2020 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., twentieth-century America’s most compelling and effective civil rights leader, was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. After entering Morehouse College at age fifteen, King followed his father and grandfather into the Baptist ministry. He received a bachelor of divinity from Crozer Theological Seminary … Read more

10 years on: What Haiti taught us about urban crises and community planning

International Institute for Environment and Development, January 23 2020, London In the wake of the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake, significant resources were channelled to neighbourhood-level projects, precipitating numerous innovations in community planning. On 23 January, an IIED event will draw out the lessons learned from the emergency relief and recovery phases that continue to be … Read more

Frederick Douglass Newspapers, 1847-1874: Now Online

Note from Le Flambeau Foundation.  Frederick Douglas was appointed U.S. Minister to Haiti on July 1, 1889, and has strong historical ties to Haiti.  Frederick Douglas represents an exceptional commitment to defending equal rights for the African diaspora community, and all communities.  Provided below are articles on/from Frederick Douglas recently made available on-line by the … Read more

Haiti opposition condemns country’s slide into rule by decree

Reuters World News, January 14, 2020 PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) – Haitian opposition politicians on Tuesday condemned the country’s slide into rule by decree under President Jovenel Moise after the failure to renew parliament, creating a political vacuum. In the early hours of Monday, the president said the mandates of lower house deputies and most senators formally … Read more


To safeguard cultural heritage, a massive Smithsonian-led cultural rescue operation can now be mobilized to help countries recover from disaster SMITHSONIANMAG.COM, By Richard Kurin, Jan. 10, 2020 This month marks the ten-year anniversary of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti. The epicenter was near the nation’s capital, Port-au-Prince, home to 3 million. The January … Read more