Week #1 Winner – THE SPARK of LF, Spring 2024

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc – March 1, 2024 Congratulations to the week-one winner of THE SPARK of LF Spring 2024 session!  In the words of our English Grader Ms. Alexis (Floyd).., “It’s time to acknowledge this week’s winner for his relentless support of his peers, his detailed responses, the thoughtfulness of his responses, and … Read more

Haiti Illuminated the History of Humanity and of Human Rights. 

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc., February 27, 2024. We’re thrilled to have launched a new series that amplifies the voices of our Le Flambeau Foundation Board of Directors! Each member brings a unique perspective, shaped by their personal connection to Haiti and a story waiting to be shared. Their unwavering dedication to our mission is … Read more

THE SPARK of LF Launches Spring 2024 Class – 15th Year

Le Flambeau Foundation launched THE SPARK of Le Flambeau Spring 2024 session on February 24th, 2024; entering the fifteenth year (since 2009) of the program.  The THE SPARK of LF is an online English discussion program focused on extending educational opportunities to bright youth (up to 27 yrs old) in and from Haiti.  The program … Read more

Happy New Year & Independence!

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc., 12/29/23 As we raise a toast to the New Year we reflect on this past year’s triumphs and the arrival of a new year 2024 filled with powerful optimism for an outstanding series of new achievements. On this same day, January 1st, 2024, Haitians around the world mark not only … Read more

Soup Joumou Recipe for 2024

December 29, 2023, Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc. Haitians throughout the world make Soup Joumou every New Year’s Day to celebrate the independence of Haiti (January 1st, 1804).   Haiti cast off the bonds of slavery and declared its freedom from France in 1804, making history as it set a precedent and became the first post-colonial black-led nation … Read more

“Profoundly Impacted” – Ms. Alexis’ Story

Le Flambeau Foundation , December 27, 2023 Following is an interview done with volunteer grader Alexis Floyd (known by students in Haiti as Ms. Alexis) for our THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program, now in its fifteenth year.  Developed by high school students in the U.S. in partnership with youth in Haiti, the program is … Read more

Haiti and the UDHR (December 10, 2023)

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc., December 9, 2023.  The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) on December 10, 1948, in Paris, during its 183rd plenary meeting. Haiti was one of the 48 countries that voted to pass the UDHR.  Haiti Ambassador Émile Saint-Lot, a founding father of the Le … Read more

A Giving Spirit For More Than One Day of Impact

Le Flambeau Foundation , 11/27/23 As the holiday season unfolds, let us ignite the spirit of giving by empowering Haiti’s youth through the transformative power of education. This past year we have been able to award scholarships in the arts and technology fields, successfully run a THE SPARK of Le Flambeau cohort, held two youth … Read more

Birthday Appreciation for Emile Saint-Lôt – Sept 11

Le Flambeau Foundation , September 11, 2023 September 11th is the birthday of Ambassador Emile Saint-Lôt. The Le Flambeau Foundation exists because of the exceptional passion, hard work, vision, perseverance and tremendous leadership of two fathers – Senateur Emile Saint-Lôt and Dr. Luc L. Colas.  Interestingly, one influenced the other.  Emile Saint-Lôt is the father of … Read more

Awards Program Held in Haiti – THE SPARK of LF

Le Flambeau Foundation , August 3, 2023 Le Flambeau Foundation (LFF) hosted an awards ceremony event in Cap-Haïtien on July 1st, to personally award winners of the recent THE SPARK of Le Flambeau session.  The  program, now in its 15th year, is an on-line preparatory program designed to help young people in Haiti develop their … Read more