Week #2 Winner – THE SPARK of LF, Spring 2024

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc – March 8, 2024

Congratulations to the week-two winner of THE SPARK of LF Spring 2024 session!  In the words of our English Grader Ms. Alexis (Floyd)..,

“Congratulations again on making it to week two of our session! Our SPARK of this week really made an effort to engage with each of his peers! Not only did he engage, but he questioned their thoughts to stimulate more discussion from his peers. He also made sure to share his thoughts on the topic.

Congratulations Keensay Sinsmyr!! We are proud of your contributions this week and your effort to support your peers and further the discussion!  Let’s all congratulate Keensay”

The discussion topic focused artificial intelligence (AI) and the ways in which they envision it serving as a catalyst for entrepreneurship in Haiti.

On behalf of Le Flambeau Foundation , we congratulate Keensay Sinsmyr  for being the SPARK of the week for this second week of our Spring 2024 session of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau.  Bravo!

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc.

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