“Profoundly Impacted” – Ms. Alexis’ Story

Le Flambeau Foundation , December 27, 2023

Following is an interview done with volunteer grader Alexis Floyd (known by students in Haiti as Ms. Alexis) for our THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program, now in its fifteenth year.  Developed by high school students in the U.S. in partnership with youth in Haiti, the program is an online English discussion platform focused on extending educational opportunities to bright youth in Haiti.   Alexis Floyd volunteered her time and talents as a grader for the past two years.   We are thankful.  Let her story, a testament to volunteerism’s ripple effect, inspire us all to share our light and ignite new sparks of learning.

Why did you volunteer to work with the Le Flambeau Foundation ?   I eagerly volunteered with the Le Flambeau Foundation driven by my passion for enhancing the global black diaspora. I firmly believe that even the tiniest efforts can make a significant difference, and I saw the chance to make a meaningful contribution by supporting the mission of bolstering intellectual infrastructure in a country like Haiti.


What did you do and how was your experience?   I have been volunteering as a grader for about 2 years, working with youth in Haiti. The experience of directly engaging with the participants of THE SPARK of LF has been profoundly transformative. Each interaction with these motivated and driven participants has enriched my learning journey. Initiatives such as THE SPARK of Le Flambeau serve as beacons of hope, offering unwavering support and boundless motivation to all those who take part.


What did you find to be most rewarding?   The most rewarding session was the session I supported as a grader where we did an English-speaking session in the final week, in contrast to earlier sessions during which we judged their perspectives and the ability to express themselves via their English writing skills. Participants came to this special session engaged and enthused. This allowed me to see whose speaking skills corresponded with their written skills. It was also nice to get a better sense of the different personalities I interacted with as a grader. We had so much fun.

Overall, the most rewarding was the experience of working intimately with youth participants in Haiti during which I found each session to be not only inspirational but also one that revealed the remarkable grit, dedication, gratitude, potential, and life experiences that define them. Being part of the Le Flambeau Foundation community has been an absolute honor and privilege, allowing me to contribute, learn, and be profoundly impacted.

About Alexis Floyd.   English Grader Alexis Floyd has been recognized by  Le Flambeau Foundation  as an exceptional volunteer, for both her selfless commitment to helping the youth in Haiti and her commitment to excellence in identifying and implementing innovative practices for engaged learning.  Alexis is a 2021 graduate from American University. She majored in International Studies with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. She is a native English speaker.


### How to Get Involved

There are a number of ways to get involved with the  Le Flambeau Foundation  . As a supporter you can donate to the foundation, volunteer your time, or become a mentor to a young person in Haiti.  Feel free to contact us