Human Rights from Haiti Youth – VICKTHO

The following perspective is from a youth participant in the fall 2018 session of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau.  The students are in the early stages of learning English and have been challenged to share their views on important topics, in English.  All class participants for this session are location in the Cap-Haitien area, in Haiti. Discussion Topic: December 10th, 2018 will … Read more

Grand Winners Celebrated in Cap-Haitien

Le Flambeau Foundation Inc., November 25, 2018 The grand winners of the recent fall 2018 session of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program were announced at a recognition ceremony held in Cap-Haitien Haiti at Institute Dr. Luc L. Colas on Saturday November 17, 2018.  Three winner certificates were presented with the grand winner also receiving … Read more

THE SPARK of Le Flambeau Winners 2018

THE SPARK of Le Flambeau is an on-line language exchange program focused on extending educational opportunities to bright under-served youth in Haiti, now in its eighth year.   The program aims to improve fluency in English language reading and writing in preparation for TOEFL and improve access to more immediate employment options in Haiti, for youth in … Read more

World Human Rights Day Dec 10th 2018

December 10th is officially recognized throughout the world as Human Rights Day,  today celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights established in 1948.  Human rights is a topic that is front and center as we read the news and face shared realities around the world.  Did we walk forward, reverse, or stand still? The … Read more

Self-Determining Haiti – by James Weldon Johnson

In the spirit of Le Flambeau Foundation’s commitment to education for youth in Haiti, provided is access to archived readings.  Haiti has historical connections to many countries and cultures throughout the world.  Our collective experiences shed light on future paths.  These readings offer perspectives that serve as the foundation for building the framework and leading the transformation, to sustainable … Read more

Happy Fête du Drapeau (May 18)

Happy Haitian Flag Day / Fête du drapeau.  A little background on this celebration. (Encylopedia2)… Haitian Flag Day is observed on May 18 in Haiti and in a number of U.S. cities with large populations of Haitian Americans. Many Africans of the diaspora, regardless of their ancestry, also join in the holiday celebration, because it … Read more

Things to do in Miami during Haitian Heritage Month

The month of May holds a special place in Haitians’ hearts Miami Curbed, By Carla St. Louis May 6, 2018 Get in touch with Miami’s Haitian side by celebrating Haitian Heritage Month, 31 days filled with parties, art exhibits, and festivals. The City of North Miami released a list of events to help locals celebrate. Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners Jean Monestime, always … Read more