The Revolution That Gave Birth to Haiti, K-12 Comic Book Project

This is a Duke University project that Le Flambeau Foundation supports. Duke University Forum for Scholars and Publics (FSP), January 1, 2021 “We release the English and Haitian Creole versions of “The Revolution That Gave Birth to Haiti” on this Haitian Independence Day, January 1, 2021, in recognition of the Haitian Revolution’s continuing significance. We … Read more

Jobs in Haiti for 2021

Happy New Year!  As you head into 2021 with an interest in Haiti, feel free to use the resources listed below. Periodically we receive requests from organizations doing work in Haiti who are looking to hire qualified Haitians in Haiti and sometimes Haitians  in the U.S. interested in returning to Haiti.   The jobs are … Read more

Thank You Congressman John Lewis

Thank you Congressman John Lewis for your sacrifices and for the love you have for humanity.  We are all God’s creation and all bleed one blood.  My condolences to the Lewis family.  The spirit of John Lewis lives on. Jean St.Lot-Gervais President, Le Flambeau Foundation, Inc. Son of Senator Emile Saint-Lôt, Co-Signatory of the Universal … Read more

Happy Fête du Drapeau (May 18)

Happy Haitian Flag Day / Fête du drapeau.  May 18, 2020 will be the 2017th year of this celebration.  A little background…(Encylopedia2) Haitian Flag Day is observed on May 18 in Haiti and in a number of U.S. cities with large populations of Haitian Americans. Many Africans of the diaspora, regardless of their ancestry, also … Read more