Students Raise the Bar in English Learning

Today we launched the Spring 2012 session of  THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program.  A unique language exchange initiative now in its fourth year, born from the collaborative efforts of Le Flambeau Foundation, student leaders (special thank you to founding member Angie), IT advisors and volunteer educators; THE SPARK of Le Flambeau continues to grow … Read more

Winners! THE SPARK of Le Flambeau

Dear Friends: These are exciting times as we prepare to announce the winners of the THE SPARK of Le Flambeau fall 2011 semester and we continue to raise the bar for our future leaders.  We are certain that throughout the 10-week language exchange program with students in Haiti and in the U.S., the educational contributions … Read more

Students Donate Books to Haiti Youth

Student participants in the Fall semester session of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program ended the semester by donating books and art crafting tools to Haitian youth they met during the field trip taken to Little Haiti.  Included in the donations made were TOEFL preparatory books and dictionaries for THE SPARK of Le Flambeau partner … Read more

A Year of Achievements

Passing it Forward Dear Friends: It’s hard to believe that we are already at the end of 2011 and headed into 2012.  Despite having no shortage of challenges this past year the achievements had the greatest impact.  You were a part of it.  Let’s take a quick look … Graduated Scholars – Three of our … Read more

Recipe for Achievement – Haiti’s Soup Joumou

A Le Flambeau Foundation Culture Sharing Vignette – education for the mind and stomach Haitians all over the world make Soup Joumou every New Year’s Day (January 1st) to celebrate the independence of Haiti on January 1st, 1804.  Haiti cast off the bonds of slavery and declared its freedom from France in 1804, making history … Read more

The Holiday Gift Without a Price

So what should a gift cost?  The concept of holiday gifting presents each of us with this question and a few more.   How do we find the perfect gift that keeps on giving beyond the holiday season, extending to the entire year and beyond?  And how much is it worth to us and to those … Read more

Students Travel to Little Haiti

(Picture) Students view the statue of Toussaint Louverture in Little Haiti, an incredible historical figure who led Haiti to its independence. The power behind THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program comes from the students in the U.S. and in Haiti partnering up and helping each other. This semester’s program (Fall 2011) included a field trip … Read more

Haitian Children Gifted with School Books

The holiday spirit is year-round.  Haitian children in Little Haiti (Miami, FL) were pleasantly surprised as they were gifted with school books this October.  The books, donated to the Le Flambeau Foundation by Kids for Kids Academy, were personally delivered by our president  to two locations in Little Haiti – locations where we were certain … Read more

Students Exchange & Help, Again

The third year and 7th semester session of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program was launched at the end of September 2011.  This semester’s class is one of the largest held, with impressive participation from both the Haiti and U.S. students.   Included are a few unique additions.  This semester’s program will run for ten weeks, … Read more