Earthquake Scholarship Awarded!

Congratulations to Ruchama!… a THE SPARK of Le Flambeau achiever, a Le Flambeau Laptop Club youth co-leader, a soon-to-be college student in the U.S., and a soon-to-be accelerated new Haiti rebuilder.

Ruchama is the first recipient of the Le Flambeau Foundation Earthquake Scholarship and will soon be headed to the U.S.; a result of your generous support. This uniquely designed scholarship program provides young people in Haiti with a transitional exchange experience in the U.S. The program runs for one semester during which the students have the opportunity to perfect their English language fluency and to apply their intellectual talents while taking college classes and earning college credits, focused on specialties most needed in Haiti during the post-earthquake reconstruction period. Upon completion of their scholarship term the students return to Haiti destined to be in pivotal roles as rebuilders of the new sustainable Haiti – NOW.

Ruchama has been an active participant and top performer in THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program since its inception almost two years ago. In addition to Ruchama’s past academic performance and English language progression, she has a track record of volunteering her time working with youth members in her community; as a teacher, as a co-worker, and as a co-leader of a youth-led initiative for the Le Flambeau Laptop Club featuring Dell computers; in Haiti. Bravo to Ruchama and to those that will follow her!

We will be awarding more Le Flambeau Foundation Earthquake Scholarships as donations continue to come in and activity continues to pick-up. This Fall semester we have the largest class ever for THE SPARK of Le Flambeau language exchange program, we have additional corporate supporters and we share a passion for taking action and making things happen NOW. We’ve been working without much fuss – simply focused on making a difference for intellectually gifted young lives in Haiti needing education assistance. In the end it is them who will make the difference….and it’s happening NOW. Join us.

Thank you for your on-going support. The future is bright and getting brighter!

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