Week #5 Winner – THE SPARK of LF, Spring 2023

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc.   3/27/23

Congratulations to the week #5 winner of THE SPARK of LF Spring 2023 session!  In the words of our English Grader Ms. Alexis (Floyd)…

“This week’s topic generated many great ideas, and there was a lot of engagement. The most important aspect of this week’s discussion was the theme of hope.  Despite the challenges of the nation of Haiti, if there is proper investment and direction, improvements can be made.

This week the SPARK of the Week is Paul Marlie!  Her post pin-pointed some of the greatest barriers to Haitian entrepreneurs. To support her points she used publications. Though she was reluctant to take the risk as an entrepreneur and present a venture to the market due to uncertainty, her peers supported her and encouraged her to not lose hope in the future of the nation. This encouragement and the reactions to her comment put her post in first place for the most engagement this week. Congratulations to Paul Marlie for her victory this week.

Background:  The topic focused on entrepreneurship in Haiti – what is the future for it, what steps can be used to promote and support it in Haiti, and what entrepreneurial venture would they pursue if provided with the resources to do so.

On behalf of Le Flambeau Foundation , we congratulate Paul Marlie for being the SPARK for week #5 in our Spring 2023 session of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau.

To learn more about THE SPARK of Le Flambeau English discussion program and what it means to youth in Haiti click here.