Week #1 Winner – THE SPARK of LF, Spring 2023

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc., 2/26/23

Congratulations to the week-one winner of THE SPARK of LF Spring 2023 session!  In the words of our English Grader Ms. Alexis (Floyd)…

“Thank you for the amazing participation this week!  Based on your responses it is clear that the choice between traditional medicine and modern medicine depends on access, however, they both serve their purposes depending on the circumstance. When possible, a holistic approach is a great remedy.  

This week the SPARK of the week is Gasmide Saint Juste.  Her response embodied the importance of health and the reality of the struggles of access within the Haitian context. She also went the extra mile to encourage and support peer responses. Weaving in a Haitian proverb added an extra layer of depth to her response as well.  Please join me in congratulating Sharliah for being our first SPARK of the week!” 

Background:  The topic focused on how cultural beliefs and practices related to health and healing influence healthcare in Haiti.

On behalf of Le Flambeau Foundation , we congratulate Gasmide Saint Juste for being the SPARK of the week for this first week of our Spring 2023 session of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau.  Bravo!

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc.

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