Week #3 Winner – THE SPARK of LF, Fall 2022

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc.,  11/5/22

Congratulations to the week-three winner of THE SPARK of LF Fall 2022 session!  In the words of our English Grader Alexis Floyd…

“This week’s SPARK is our very own Augustin Marc Fernando! He answered this week’s questions thoroughly and passionately. He brought remembrance to the tragedy of the late George Floyd. He also managed to advocate for the rights and belonging of those in the LGBTQ+ community. Lastly, he even touched on the importance of religious freedom and the importance of respect for this freedom. Augustin, thank you for the energy you brought this week. Keep up the good work. Everyone, please be sure to congratulate Augustin for his victory this week. Congratulations!!”


Background:  The question focused on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and what it means to them today.  Augustin lives in Haiti.

To learn more about THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program and what it means to youth in Haiti click here.