Scholarships Awarded to Design Students in Haiti

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc.,October 28, 2022

Bravo to the eight youth in Haiti who were awarded scholarships to participate in the Kreyatis art design program.  The program launched in June and will be completed by the end of March 2023.  Kreyatis is devoted to the elevation of underserved youth in Haiti via Haitian art and culture.  The program includes training in art design, the integration of technology, and the entrepreneurial foundation for the business of selling their art products for economic self sufficiency.   Students who complete the program will receive an official certificate.  Included is an annual art fair which is put on by Kreyatis at the end of the program, aimed at exposing fresh talent as they prepare to build their personal brands and businesses.  Each of the eight scholarships cover a student’s full tuition for the program.  The scholarships have been funded by Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc.

The scholarship recipients range in age and were deemed by Kreyatis to be most promising.  All recipients live in Cap-Haitien.

Congratulations to the winners!  The future is bright!

To learn more about the art fair and about Kreyatis click on the links.