Art Fair Youth Showcase in Cap-Haitien

Le Flambeau Foundation , Inc., June 13, 2022

Painted by André Laudz Dayenka, 16 YO, Cap, SOLD 

Haiti is rich with culture and talented youth ready to be refined and discovered. We need only open the door of opportunity and they will walk through it. This is consistent with the Le Flambeau Foundation commitment to education. It’s about giving a hand up for the longer-term.

Arts and crafts in Haiti is a field where many can easily be upskilled and refined in both the craft and in entrepreneurial framework, to thrive – impacting family and community. As they thrive, they pass the torch forward through their art and through the powerful influence of their example.

Recently we attended an art fair in Cap-Haitian, Haiti hosted by Kreyatis, a local organization devoted to training youth in the arts and crafts. Included were guests from Chicago and Milwaukee. It was a wonderful experience. The future is bright!