THE SPARK of LF Grand Winners Announced for Spring 2022 class

Le Flambeau Foundation, Inc., March 21, 2022

Congratulations to the winners of THE SPARK of LF Spring 2022 session!  We had a great five weeks.   Class participants contributed to the selection.  Our English graders Michael Parrott and Alexis Floyd incorporated class voting feedback into making the final decisions. The grand THE SPARK of LF winner will receive a TOEFL test study kit and an official THE SPARK of LF award certificate presented by the President of Le Flambeau Foundation.  All winners will receive a Babbel English learning app (good for two years).  The greatest gift is the “fierté” that comes from this achievement and the incredible destinations this fuel can take them to.

In the words of our English Grader Alexis Floyd – This class has been extremely engaging and joyous to interact with and your effort spoke volumes. Now that we have come to the end of our session, we have arrived at the moment you have all been waiting for. As promised, we are announcing our winner of this class session….


“THE SPARK of LF grand winner for this session is Semmy Lafosse!  Semmy consistently gave it her all and made sure to maintain engagement with her peers. She was also fearless with her responses and willing to give and receive constructive feedback on her responses and the responses of her peers. She consistently pulled from her creative faculties and remained determined and competitive throughout the class. She was the total definition of being present and engaged. Semmy embodies a spirit of attentiveness and deep reflection, which earned her the role of The SPARK of LF.”


Best Content: Wesmana Jean

Wesmana’s responses were very comprehensive. She provided detailed content/ responses, and was holistically engaged. Her responses were full of quality, and she not only tackled the question at hand, but she provided detailed reasoning as to why she held her stances. She engaged with each of her peers, provided thoughtful comments, and demonstrated strong and increased English language ability.”

Team Spirit: Weinberger Benjamin

Weinberger always remained engaged, reflected his pride in his nation, and kept his peers laughing. He also kept his peers motivated, as he engaged in thought provoking discussion throughout the 5-weeks. His participation was consistent, and his energy embodied the spirit of a good team player.  Thank you, Weinberger!

Best Language Skills: Landy Guillaume

Landy’s responses were well thought-out and executed with clarity. They were a reflection  of her superb English abilities and her content was concise and to the point. She also strategically presented profound topics in a way that thoroughly communicated her creative understanding of each question.

Most Improved: Ingred Previl

Over the weeks, Ingred’s engagement and tenacity consistently increased. She also began to interact with her peers more consistently, which led to rewarding discussions and debates. She also achieved the longest comment thread we’ve seen on any single comment, which led to her being the winner of our 5th week.

Pictured below are the winners in Haiti who received their certificates and those who met with Le Flambeau Foundation president, Jean St.Lot-Gervais. (this is updated as they receive their certificates in Haiti)

Let’s congratulate our winner Semmy, and also acknowledge those who earned recognition for their effort during these 5-weeks!”

To learn more about THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program and what it means  to youth in Haiti click here.