Week #5 Winner – THE SPARK of LF, Fall 2021

Congratulations to the week-five winner of THE SPARK of LFF Fall 2021 session!  In the words of English Grader Michael…

“Thank you to everyone who contributed.  A pitch is a difficult concept to grasp depending on the concept in which it is described and in the business culture of specific nationalities. This past week, both Landy and Frere answered the prompt thoughtfully and described how their businesses would positively impact their communities and get them involved. Frere discussed how his business profits would be invested in educating children and Landy focused on providing education to children in an interactive, and thoughtful, manner. Because of this focus on the future generations, this week’s results are a tie!

CONGRATULATIONS Landy and Frere!!”

The group is now voting for the grand winner.  Tune in next week for the results.

To learn more about THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program and what it means to youth in Haiti click here.