Unity of U.S. Government efforts bring aid to Haiti after earthquake

Homestead Reserve Base, By Sgt. 1st Class Victor Aguirre, Special Operations Command South, September 7, 2021

U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) launched a small command and control element from Special Operations Command South (SOCSOUTH), leading Joint Task Force-Haiti (JTF-Haiti) to support humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations (HA/DR), Aug. 17.

JTF-Haiti, established in Port-au-Prince and led by Rear Adm. Keith Davids, provided air medical evacuations, delivered aid, and transported supplies over 660 missions carried out by 27 aircraft from all U.S. military branches. In addition, foreign partners such as the Dutch, French, and British supplemented HA/DR efforts by delivering aid or using naval vessels and aircraft to save lives and alleviate suffering of the Haitian people.

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