The fateful downfall of Haiti’s president

Reuters, By Dave Graham and Andre Paultre, August 22, 2021

“He never stood a chance’: the fateful downfall of Haiti’s president”

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Aug 22 (Reuters) – Haitian President Jovenel Moise began this year by warning that his country was a land of coups, conspiracy and murder. In the days before he was shot dead in a murky international plot last month, he was telling friends that enemies were out to get him.

“He told me a lot of people were spending a lot of money to murder him,” said a former Haitian senator and close friend of the late president, relating a conversation with Moise the evening of his death. “I told him to stop thinking like that.”

“He said to me: ‘This is reality.'”

Showing Reuters his final text messages with Moise, the politician, who asked to remain anonymous out of concern for his safety, said the president did not identify the plotters.

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