Haiti earthquake: Tensions rise in struggle to get aid to victims

BBC News, August 20, 2021

Five days after a powerful earthquake killed at least 2,189 people in Haiti help is trickling in, but struggling people say they need it more quickly.

The poorest country in the Americas is in urgent need of medical, food and sanitation assistance, experts say.

Rescue crews are still digging through rubble in a search for survivors, as the stench of death fills the air.

“We are preparing for a public health disaster,” says Nadesha Mijoba of the Haitian Health Foundation.

“The sanitation situation is quite critical… it is our hope that we don’t have an outbreak of cholera,” Ms Mijoba also warned BBC News.

Since the 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the island on Saturday, the US military has transported at least 200 severely injured people to hospital.

Despite rainy conditions, many people have been sleeping outside due to fears that aftershocks could cause more buildings to collapse.

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