Haiti Prepares State Funeral For President As Speculation Around Killing Swirls

NPR,  by Jason Beaubien, July 15, 2021

Haiti is preparing a state funeral for its assassinated president as the national police force rejects speculation that the prime minister had a role in the killing.

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A week after the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, life is coming back to some semblance of normal in the capital of Port-Au-Prince. Businesses are reopening. Banks have lifted their metal shutters. But NPR’s Jason Beaubien reports on the continued challenges for daily life, starting at the gas pump.

JASON BEAUBIEN, BYLINE: At a gas station in the Delmas 52 neighborhood, James Adrace has been waiting for hours for fuel. He’s holding a yellow 20-liter plastic jug that once contained vegetable oil.

JAMES ADRACE: (Through interpreter) It’s not easy to find gas.

BEAUBIEN: His car is around the corner. The tank is dry.

ADRACE: (Speaking Haitian Creole).

BEAUBIEN: He says the problems with getting fuel in Haiti started well before the assassination of President Moise last week, but he says the assassination has made it even more difficult. Moise was shot a dozen times in his fortified home. Police have arrested 18 Colombian mercenaries, three Florida residents and a growing number of Haitians. As the investigation into Moise’s death and the political fight to succeed him continues, residents here are trying to restart their lives.

It’s not that Haiti doesn’t have gasoline. It’s that criminal gangs that flourished under President Moise have taken control of large parts of Port-au-Prince, especially near the port and along the waterfront. Tanker trucks have trouble getting across these gang areas to distribute the fuel in the rest of the city.

RICHARD WIDMAIER: Everybody that has tankers that can take them fear for their tankers as well because with guns shooting everywhere, anything can happen any time.

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