Haiti on edge as theories about President’s assassination fill the vacuum

CNN, By Caitlin Hu and Etant Dupain, Sat July 10, 2021

Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN)The charred shells of three burned-out cars marked the road to the president’s house on Friday in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Just up the hill, former leader Jovenel Moise had been murdered in his bedroom two days earlier, in an otherwise quiet neighborhood of big houses and high walls topped with barbed wire and overhanging flowers.

What exactly happened during the Wednesday attack is still unknown, along with its motive. But Carl Henri Destin, a local district judge tasked with investigating and documenting the crime scene, described the aftermath in minute detail to CNN.

“The doors were riddled with bullets, the glass was broken, the doors were smashed, even the locks were destroyed and lying on the ground,” he said.
Inside, up a wide bloodstained stairway leading to a bedroom, Destin says he peered through another smashed doorway, and saw his President lying on the ground.

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