Human Rights Youth Perspective – Lourdia

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted on December 10, 1948.   Senator Emile Saint-Lot from Haiti was a co-signatory, along with U.S.  First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and many other countries.  To read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (in English) (French) (in Kreyol).  Following is perspective from a youth leader in Haiti.

by Lourdia, 12/7/13

The universal declaration of human rights, 10 December 1948, talks about civil rights, political rights, social rights, and cultural rights, has thirty (30) articles. It has been written because there was many and different conflicts, either wars or popular revendications in the world, often theses conflicts were reaction of inhuman treatment and injustice. Today, we can say and see how things change thanks of this declaration, the thing which was more popular; the racism. It changes.

Black people and white people can be in the same places, a black people can be the boss of a white people, these things couldn’t be happened before this declaration and more than that, the United States have a black president. So, the seventh article of the declaration is respected, it talks about all have the right to an equal protection against whatever the discrimination, in this way, we can thanks all the heroes who were against discrimination, racism and fought for that, two of them; Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela who died 5 December 2013.

Therefore, some of the articles are not respected by all. Let’s talking about Republique Dominicaine. This country rapes the fifteenth article which talks about, no one can be deprive of his, her nationality. This country wants to remove the Dominican nationality to all Dominican of Haitian origin.

So, I think the international community must vote a law to punish whatever the country that rapes one of the articles either against another country or against the citizens. With a sanction, the Declaration can help all the countries, it can help Haiti in many ways; Haiti a black country, can has friendship relations with other countries, things can work better in this country; the country can have justice and peace, because we know in Haiti, justice and peace are absent.



Lourdia lives in Haiti and has been an active member of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau.