Students Donate Books to Haiti Youth

Student participants in the Fall semester session of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program ended the semester by donating books and art crafting tools to Haitian youth they met during the field trip taken to Little Haiti.  Included in the donations made were TOEFL preparatory books and dictionaries for THE SPARK of Le Flambeau partner students in Haiti.

The donations were made by students and teachers at Coral Reef Senior High School to Le Flambeau Foundation for distribution to the youth.  Included were personal donations of dictionaries and grammar books from English Grader Ms. Fallahay, sent in from Chicago.   The donated books were presented in Little Haiti and in Haiti by Le  Flambeau Foundation board members.

In making these donations each student became THE SPARK of Le Flambeau for someone somewhere in Little Haiti, Haiti, or beyond; making a positive difference in the lives of many.  The Torch is lit and these students are passing it forward in a big big way.  Bravo!