Students Travel to Little Haiti

(Picture) Students view the statue of Toussaint Louverture in Little Haiti, an incredible historical figure who led Haiti to its independence.

The power behind THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program comes from the students in the U.S. and in Haiti partnering up and helping each other.

This semester’s program (Fall 2011) included a field trip for the U.S. students from Coral Reef Senior High School to Little Haiti with a focus on enhancing  connections to the culture and realities of the people of Haiti; highlighting the role each student can play in making a positive difference for our communities.  Simply helping each other is all it takes.

Our gathering was on Saturday November 12th at the Little Haiti Cultural Center.  The day’s program consisted of a walking tour of Little Haiti, a stroll through the Haitian art gallery, a Haitian art class and an afternoon of innovative French language learning theatre programming for the community youth in Little Haiti, designed by the THE SPARK of Le Flambeau student leadership team – Barbara, Peri and Soa.  All students participated and walked away with many rewards.

Thank you to the French teachers at Coral Reef Senior High, the staff and volunteers of the Little Haiti Cultural Center, the Little Haiti community youth organizations that joined us, and the students who worked so well together; for making this experience possible.

Mission for Le Flambeau Foundation accomplished.  The exchange was made.  We learned from each other, and are still learning. The torch is lit and is being passed on.  The future is bright!

The support of friends like you made this possible.  Thank you for your on-going donations which permit future programming such as scholarships, THE SPARK of Le Flambeau, and other programming (see website).  Learn more about student sponsorship options, subscribing to youth education for Haiti, or to donate now.  Le Flambeau Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization in its sixth year.