The Holiday Gift Without a Price

So what should a gift cost?  The concept of holiday gifting presents each of us with this question and a few more.   How do we find the perfect gift that keeps on giving beyond the holiday season, extending to the entire year and beyond?  And how much is it worth to us and to those we are gifting?  Who are we really gifting?…ourselves or those we gifted, or both?   Le Flambeau Foundation is providing  the opportunity to easily take action on a solution.

Le Flambeau Foundation Priceless Gift Giving List


The gift of education for our youth in Haiti is a priceless exchange that changes lives for the better, forever.  This past year youth in Haiti received the gift of language, culture and technology learning via THE SPARK of Le Flambeau.  Three Le Flambeau Foundation scholars graduated from college programs in the U.S. with one of the students now attending graduate school at Harvard University.  Numerous students in Haiti received preparatory educational materials, computers and testing stipends to assist as they aim to further their education.  Students in the U.S. and in Haiti helped each other as they worked with Le Flambeau Foundation .  Another student was recently awarded a full four-year scholarship  to start school in 2012 and a number of strong candidates are in line for the next Le Flambeau Foundation Rebuild Haiti transitional scholarship.  These are life-changing accomplishments for our youth and are the result of priceless gifts received by the students and by those who gifted them.

You have the opportunity to be a life-long gift giver this holiday season.  As for the price, you name it as you always win when gifting.  The gift is a double-triple-quadruple one since the rewards come to you, to the individual you are gifting, and to the student(s) in Haiti who will benefit.   Pick your option, take action, and be the difference.  Happy Holidays!

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