Kiss and Tell

Haïti Chérie
A Love Story

Love is in the air.  We are in the midst of transition in Haiti and around the world.  Circumstances are most challenging.  We retire, resign, refuel and rebuild.  After much discussion, arrivals, visits, and special announcements;  the presidential election process in Haiti is moving forward with two candidates and the wheels are turning (see article).  Additional movement is expected over the coming weeks as  campaigning picks up, cholera remedies and potable water access evolve and become a permanent part of Haiti and participants of the recent builders conference in Haiti along with people like you and me; continue to take action as we rebuild our Haïti Chérie.

Love is in the air. Our young people are in the midst of transition in Haiti and influencing others around the world.  Circumstances are most challenging.  They dialogue with each other in Haiti and in other countries learning everything they can despite limited resources and access, and it’s working (see article).  A student recently traveled from Haiti and is in school in the U.S. (see article)  preparing herself to return to Haiti and accelerate the youth rebuilding movement for Haiti – taking a nation from poverty to prosperity, with dignity.  Young people in Haiti are working hard to earn the torch that is being passed on in the form of scholarships, educational programming and tools, or a job.  Together we are carrying the torch and passing it forward, making this movement possible for our  Haïti Chérie.

This year on February 14th, or throughout the month of February, tell your story by changing a life (ultimately many lives) and rebuilding a country.   Donate on behalf of someone you care about – we will send them a Le Flambeau Kiss & Tell Love e-mail letting them  know of your special gift to them and to a young person in Haiti. The story is one to be told and is a priceless gift of love.  As you get together with your loved ones this Valentine season, when you kiss – what will you tell?

Happy Valentine Season!

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