Le Flambeau Foundation Scholar Starts School

The new year 2011 has already significantly changed many lives, particularly that of   Le Flambeau Foundation Earthquake Scholarship recipient Ruchama who arrived in the U.S. from Haiti on January 4, 2011 and is now a college student destined to do great things for Haiti.  Ruchama landed in Miami on January 4th and immediately started her whirlwind tour.  Her time in Miami marked many firsts for her and for others she met with.

 The first face-to-face  live meeting was held for Ruchama with many of her U.S. classmates in THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program.  Ruchama has been a   participant in the program for almost two years but had never met any of her U.S. classmates.  This first-time meeting was held at Coral Reef High School.  The meeting reminded us once again of the incredible power of youth, ideas and action.

 Also while in Miami Ruchama visited with the New World Symphony and was gifted with valuable tips on the violin from a New World Symphony Fellow (Ruchama plays the violin and piano).   We were one of the first to see the brand new NWS building as our visit was  just prior to the official grand opening.  The building, and the talent within it, are incredible.

Ruchama received a tour of the JCC in Miami and had a chance to meet with executive director E. Rosen who serves  as a scholarship committee member for the Le Flambeau Foundation .

After a full schedule in Miami, Ruchama  boarded her next flight, escorted by Foundation Board member S. Colas-Gervais, and headed to Missouri to officially register for school, check into her dorm, meet her roommate, greet new friends, and get comfortable in her new home for the next five months.    Her welcome included a warm greeting from NCMC president Dr. Nuttall.   Ruchama is now a college student at North Central Missouri College, focused on Accounting.

Ruchama is a   Le Flambeau Foundation Scholar – the first recipient of the Le Flambeau Foundation Earthquake Scholarship.   The contributions received from individuals like you made this possible.   We are looking forward to seeing many more scholars receive this opportunity, in partnership with sponsor support.  Together we changed the course of Ruchama’s life as well as that of many more youth in Haiti who are being impacted by what happened on January 12th 2010, by what happened to Ruchama on January 4th 2011, by what is happening now as Ruchama attends school, and by what will happen over the coming year as Ruchama returns to Haiti and shares, mentors, and  inspires other youth; and launches off the next   Le Flambeau Foundation Earthquake Scholars.  Each one reach one, each one teach one.   The impact can already be felt.  Le Flambeau Foundation president Jean St.Lot-Gervais recently returned to Haiti and received numerous questions from youth who know of Ruchama and who are anxious to hear details of her experience.  For many young people in Haiti Ruchama is their Le Flambeau; lighting the path to the sustainable reconstruction of Haiti and then passing it on for others to join in.  Ultimately it is the youth who will lead the transition of Haiti from poverty to prosperity, with dignity.   We know that the future is exceptionally bright.


The Le Flambeau Foundation Earthquake Scholarship program is a transitional initiative that provides leadership and character gifted students from Haiti with an opportunity to attend a unique 1-semester college program in the U.S. During this period the students perfect their English language fluency and apply their intellectual talents while taking college classes and earning college credits.  Their studies are focused on areas most needed in Haiti during the post-earthquake reconstruction period with emphasis in areas that offer the greatest immediate productivity returns for the students and for Haiti.  Upon completion of the scholarship term the students return to Haiti destined to be in pivotal roles as mentors and rebuilders for the new sustainable Haiti.   (see Scholarships section for more details).  To change a young life and the many lives that she/he will touch in Haiti  and be a part of the next Le Flambeau Foundation Earthquake Scholarship to be awarded, please contact us at  Le Flambeau Foundation Inc., 1172 S. Dixie HWY, #203, Coral Gables, FL  33146, 305.596.2819 – or you may go to our website (www.leflambeau-foundation.org) and donate now.   The Le Flambeau Foundation is a Wisconsin 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in its sixth year of operation.