Birthday Appreciation for Emile Saint-Lôt – Sept 11

Le Flambeau Foundation , September 11, 2023

September 11th is the birthday of Ambassador Emile Saint-Lôt.
The Le Flambeau Foundation exists because of the exceptional passion, hard work, vision, perseverance and tremendous leadership of two fathers – Senateur Emile Saint-Lôt and Dr. Luc L. Colas.  Interestingly, one influenced the other.  Emile Saint-Lôt is the father of our foundation president and whose spirit is a founding father of Le Flambeau Foundation .  His invaluable contributions to the history of Haiti, the global human rights movement, and the independence of nations; live on.  We appreciate the gifts of Emile Saint-Lôt every day.

Emile Saint-Lôt (September 11, 1904 – August 17, 1976)

Emile Saint-Lôt  left an indelible mark in history.  Gifted with an extraordinary talent for molding and liberating entire countries, young Emile Saint-Lôt lit, carried, and passed on the Torch for generations to come.  Degreed as a lawyer, an agronomist and as a journalist;  young Emile  Saint-Lôt grew to be an advocate for education, a guardian of human rights and one of the most respected and accomplished leaders of our time.

The newspaper “Flambeau” was published by Emile Saint-Lot in his younger years, serving as a voice for his passion and commitment to education for elevation in Haiti.

Emile Saint-Lôt spent his early years in the midst of the U.S. military invasion and occupation of Haiti, from 1915 to 1934.  This experience impacted him profoundly and fueled his future accomplishments;  rooted in the free, strong, proud and independent spirit that is Haiti.  Emile Saint-Lôt served in numerous leadership roles as a human rights journalist/publisher, a university professor of law, president of the senate, chief justice of the civil court, ambassador of Haiti to the United Nations, and more.  On June 19, 1946, Emile Saint-Lôt was elected Senateur for the West and on November 22, 1946 he became a signatory for the Constitution of Haiti.  Later, as U.N. ambassador representing Haiti, Emile Saint-Lôt served as a signatory for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with U.S. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and 46 other countries (total 48) .

The birth of the United Nations in 1945 was pivotal for Haiti and for Emile Saint-Lôt.  Haiti is a founding and permanent member of the United Nations and Emile Saint-Lôt served as the first U.N. Ambassador representing Haiti and as a member of the U,N. Security Council with responsibility for voting on the independence of countries.  Emile Saint-Lôt later cast the deciding vote for the independence of Israel, Libya and Somalia;  and assisted in writing the constitution for a number of  emerging nations.

In 1957 at the U.N. in New York, Ambassador Emile Saint-Lôt  presented his famous speech for the independence of Libya.  Upon completing his speech, after receiving numerous compliments on his presentation,  he was approached by a fellow ambassador who remarked “le temps est sombre” (the time/setting is dark) at which point Emile Saint-Lôt, known for his quick thinking and optimistic energy, said with a warm smile, “le temps est sombre mais l’esprit brille” (but the spirit is bright).  This statement captures the essence of Emile Saint-Lôt  and speaks to his culture of leadership excellence.  He was always seeing, being, giving and bringing; the brightness to the forefront.

Emile  Saint-Lôt is the original Flambeau.  He sparked a movement and lit the Torch that we carry forward. THANK YOU.

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