Scholarship Awarding A Don’t Miss Event

Date:  Today

Time:  Anytime

Location:  Le Flambeau Foundation , Innc.

What:   The scholarship drive is in full force.  Results to-date have been great and resulted in the awarding of a scholarship to Ruchama who started school in January 2011.  With a number of strong candidates vying for the Le Flambeau Foundation Earthquake Scholarships we are looking forward to the next scholarship awarding event.  Join us in getting there and make a donation. We will keep you posted on the next Le Flambeau Foundation scholarship awarding event – we know that with your support, it’s just around the corner.   See you there!

For more information on sponsoring a student click here.  Make it happen now with a sponsorship donation  on-line or by check,  or by calling us at 305.596.2819.   You can also subscribe to the monthly donation for education plan.  Why sponsor a student and change a life…and change many lives?… Why not?