THE SPARK of Le Flambeau 2011 Haiti Winners

A recognition ceremony was held in Haiti for the top performers in the spring 2011 session of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau language exchange program.  This on-line forum, engaging classmates in Haiti and in the U.S.,  launched in January 2011 and ran for eleven weeks.  Classmates advanced in their English/French fluency and technology skills.

The ceremony was the culmination of eleven weeks of language and technology learning.  As the THE SPARK  of Le Flambeau rules required, students in the U.S. voted for classmates in Haiti. Voting results were reviewed and approved by the English Grader, Ms. Fallahay, who volunteered her time throughout the entire semester.   Youth leader Ruchama Charles, a past recipient of the top award and the first THE SPARK of Le Flambeau student to receive a Le Flambeau Foundation scholarship, assisted with the award presentations.

The program consisted of remarks from Foundation president Mr. Jean St.Lot-Gervais, the presentation of the awards, and the added prize give-aways of French/English dictionaries donated by our English Grader,  Ms. Fallahay.   The ceremony took place in June at Visa Lodge Hotel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  For all of the hard work that made this possible, an extra warm Thank You is extended to Superviseur Mdme Lochet, English Grader Ms. Fallahay, Superviseur Mdme Jacquart, youth leaders Schneider, Roxanne, Barbara and Isabel; and our IT support leader Ms. Tracy Doome.

Congratulations to all!

Ludner L.

Most Improved Award was earned for making the most impressive strides in their language during the ten week program.


Hernice E.

Most Consistent Award was earned for having the most consistent participation, providing comments each week – in some cases students made more than one comment.


Michael  S.J.

Best Substance Award was earned for having offered the most substantive information in each of the weekly comments – everyone learned something new from his or her comments.


Hernice E.

Best Language Skills Award was earned for one’s performance in writing comments in the language being studied (English/French).  Judging was based on spelling, vocabulary, grammar and the correct use of the Word of the Week, each week.

Top Award Winner


Hernice E.

THE SPARK of Le Flambeau (The top Award) was earned for having offered the most well rounded presentation.  We have one winner from each country.  Classmates observed progress, substance, teamwork and perseverance.  These individuals exhibited strong leadership and made the strongest impression during this semester session.  The votes were close.  Congratulations!

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