Graduation Remarks – Haiti Bound

Scholarship recipient Ruchama Charles completed the Le Flambeau Foundation Rebuild Haiti program, a partnership initiative with North Central Missouri College.  Ruchama, a star student of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau class and recipient of the Le Flambeau Earthquake Scholarship, experienced the U.S. for the first time; and excelled.  Ruchama completed her 1-semester program with 12 U.S. college credits and an emphasis in Accounting.   Earning an “A” in her Accounting class and completing the entire program with 3.5 GPA, Ruchama walked forward as an accomplished graduate with much to be proud of.    The Le Flambeau Foundation graduation reception was held in Miami on May 12th.  Ruchama participated in the reception (read article), and returned to Haiti the next day, on May 13th.  She is working on a number of  innovative education based initiatives with a focus on sharing and generating more opportunities for youth in Haiti.  More to come.  Following are remarks from Ruchama, and remarks received from the family of friends and supporters who were with her during her time in the U.S., and continue to be with her now in Haiti.   It is the power of “together” that comes with family and friends that makes all the difference in the world.  The future is bright!

Recent remarks received from Ruchama (5/5/11) –

Hello Le Flambeau Foundation ,

On this day, I just want to take a moment to thank you for being a family for me. My life is more than a miracle, I surely think it is a wonder!!!  Today,  I have no words to express my gratitude. The only thing I can say “God is an awesome God.”  I highly appreciate you for all that you have done for me!!! And…

Thank you!

Recent remarks received from the family of friends and supporters Ruchama had with her in Missouri  –

  • Ruchama puts forth much hard work and effort in each project that she has completed in class. She is very conscientious of her work and wants to do her best. She is prepared for each class session which I greatly appreciate!  I have enjoyed having her in class and wish her the best in the future.   (teacher at NCMC)
  • It has been a pleasure to have Ruchama in my class this past semester. She’s so full of life and joy! She has been a conscientious student, applying herself fully to every assignment and working hard to be successful.  All of our lives were enriched by Ruchama’s presence. She made friends so easily and became a favored member of our campus family by sharing her music and stories about Haiti. These narrative “snapshots” of her life gave many of our students and staff a glimpse of a world that most of us couldn’t have imagined before. We hope that Ruchama feels that her time at North Central Missouri College has given her even a fraction of the happiness she has brought to us. We wish Ruchama the best as she pursues future educational and life goals, which I have no doubt she will accomplish. Ruchama will be missed, but warmly remembered at NCMC. (teacher at NCMC)
  • I have had the honor and privilege of getting to know Ruchama this past semester.  She is truly a joy to be around.  She is dedicated to being the best student that she can be and works very hard to achieve her academic goals.  It gives her pleasure to know she is doing her very best!  Personally, Ruchama is one of the happiest, nicest, most wonderful people I know. Ruchama and my family have spent a lot of time together off campus as well.  She has been a joy to my entire family.  She will always be very dear to our hearts and we will miss her greatly.  I will always think of her as my daughter who lives in Haiti! (admissions at NCMC)
  • I am delighted to contribute some remarks about Ruchama–I adore her!  Ruchama has been an inspiration to her classmates. Her excellent work ethic has inspired others in the class to set goals and work hard to achieve them.   Personally, Ruchama has enriched my life. It was very easy to get to know her as she is very personable.  Ruchama is very well known around campus and in the community. She has shared her musical talent by playing her violin in several local churches, weddings, and meetings.  Ruchama will be greatly missed at NCMC! (teacher and counselor at NCMC)

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