Berea College Graduation

Le Flambeau Foundation scholars Rachelle and Christelle graduated from Berea College on May 8th, 2011.  Foundation president Jean St.Lot-Gervais travelled to Kentucky to attend the graduation celebration as this was a historic occasion that could not be missed.   A dinner in honor of the scholars and Le Flambeau Foundation president Jean, hosted by exceptional supporter Cheyenne, was held the evening  prior to graduation.  Seeing the scholars the next day in cap and gown as they took their graduation walk was incredible.  A few minutes with the college president, scholar Rachelle and St.Lot-Gervais;  made an impression.   There are no words… the pictures will have to tell the story (see pictures).

Both scholars will be attending  graduate school with Rachelle headed to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and ultimately returning to Haiti.  The future is bright!

More graduation pictures  –   Graduation Reception in Miami