Scholar Heads to Harvard

Le Flambeau Foundation Scholar Rachelle Mathurin is headed to Harvard.  Rachelle, who came to the U.S. for the first time as she started her scholarship experience, embraced the opportunity with a focus on giving and being the best.  Language and cultural differences became assets and Rachelle excelled at a rate that earned her a spot in the top tier of her class; a position she held throughout her four years at Berea College.  In addition, Rachelle allocated time during the summer and throughout the school year to community service, with an emphasis on helping youth from and in Haiti.   Rachelle will be graduating in May of this year (2011).  On Wednesday March 9th, Rachelle received her letter of acceptance to the International Education Policy Masters Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  Rachelle will be attending graduate school and is destined to return to Haiti as a talented and accomplished leader that will make a significant difference in the future of Haiti.   We applaud Rachelle for her exceptional accomplishments.  Bravo!

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