Le Flambeau Youth Club

Join the Le Flambeau Foundation Youth Club.  Students from throughout Haiti and the U.S. come together via various youth programs the Foundation has in place; helping each other, learning new languages, connecting to opportunities and best of all making new friends.  If you are already participating in THE SPARK of Le Flambeau language exchange program or the Le Flambeau Laptop Club – Great.  Your last step is to sign-up as a member of the headquarter Le Flambeau Foundation Youth Club to engage with your counterparts in a setting you know well – on Facebook.  You will practice your English (or French), prepare for the TOEFL test (or help others to prepare) and keep abreast of new opportunities.  Students in Haiti can also become eligible for Le Flambeau Foundation scholarships – students in the U.S. can pitch in and help a young person in Haiti practice for the TOEFL.  …or you may simply want to connect, socialize and have fun.  One thing is for sure.  This is a portal to the future which is certain to be a bright one.  Welcome!

If you are not currently a member of any of the Le Flambeau Foundation programs, you may still sign-up and join now – be sure to answer all of the questions. To join the Le Flambeau Foundation Youth Club, please submit your information via our online form!   If you’re already a member, join us and new friends at the Club on Facebook.  See you there!