YES.  Every dollar donated helps the youth of Haiti and the future of nations.  The returns are priceless.

From poverty to prosperity with dignity.  This is the spirit with which we play a role in the re-building of Haiti.  Education is the key and offers the bridge that will create our future leaders.  Haiti’s average wage rate was US$2 per day, the average per household annual income was US$250, unemployment was +70% with an extreme shortage of skilled labor. It is estimated that of those who complete high school, less than 1% make it to college. Education is unanimously considered to be the most effective means to overriding economic, political and historical barriers – most important, it is a sustainable model for inclusive prosperity.

Le Flambeau Foundation assists by providing educational engagement opportunities to bright under-served youth with exceptional character, passion and leadership assets; they are our future leaders of and for Haiti. Your donation will provide educational opportunities to underserved, high potential youth leadership in Haiti. You can take action, reach  out and pass the torch forward – it will change the lives of many…yours included.

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