Featured Leaders

The Featured Leaders series is focused on recognizing outstanding individuals who played pivotal roles  in the initial stages and forward movement of the Le Flambeau Foundation .

Guerrier Dorlus – Haiti

– Le Flambeau Featured Leader, September 2011
A man of great value who not only strives to change the lives of Haitian youth but to change the world, one stride at a time – this is Guerrier Dorlus from Kenscoff, Haiti.  From the very beginning Guerrier selflessly volunteered his time in order to help with the development of the Le Flambeau Foundation . With an endless amount of determination and perseverance he endured the journey to seeing our shared dream, achieve success. While holding a full time job as an accountant with a company in Haiti, Guerrier volunteered his time to serve as the Haiti administrator for the Foundation.  By following up on details, providing scholarship application packets to student candidates, ensuring that completed applications arrived in our offices in the U.S. and in Cap-Haitian, arranging and escorting final candidates to do their interview with Dr. Luc Colas in Cap-Haitien, and being an exemplary role model to youth in Haiti; Guerrier helped transform this dream into the reality that the Le Flambeau Foundation is today.

Two students who started under Guerrier’s watch have now graduated with 4-year college degrees in the U.S.,  they performed in the top tier of their class, and are now headed to graduate school- one is currently attending Harvard (pictured with Guerrier in Haiti at the very beginning).  During the time Guerrier worked with the Le Flambeau Foundation he managed to not only maintain his status as a hard worker and exceptionally committed individual, he also took the steps to go above and beyond. This spirit led Dorlus to leave Haiti and take his next big strides in Canada to achieve an even greater educational goal.  A man of humble beginnings, Guerrier Dorlus remains loyal and true to his roots in Haiti and offers us a recent update on his journey and plans for the future.

“First of all, I am about to achieve a graduate diploma in accounting at Montreal University – HEC and I’ve just applied for a master’s program in financial and strategic accounting there. After my studying period, I`d like to go back to Haiti to work there, mostly in the non-profit sector and I’d like to teach strategic accounting there.  Helping at the Le Flambeau Foundation is a way for me to contribute to something valuable for my country by helping young people to have a better education that is one of the most important parameters to develop a country. My vision for Haiti is seeing , one day, that all Haitians can find the pride that we did have before. In order to see this, we need to begin to educate the population today.” – Mr. Guerrier Dorlus, featured Le Flambeau Foundation Leader

It was difficult for us when Guerrier left Haiti and yet we were pleased to have been a part of his journey – one that we know will eventually bring him back to Haiti.  We know that Guerrier will be a shining star and will create a path that many other young people in Haiti will choose to take, because of him.  Le Flambeau Foundation President Jean St.Lot-Gervais said the following about Guerrier Dorlus.

” Unbreakable.  Guerrier is a gifted individual. His devotion, discipline, integrity, and determination; make him stand apart from any individual I’ve ever known.  He is destined to accomplish great things for Haiti.  If I had a son I would want him to be like Guerrier.  In my mind he is the perfect son and an exceptional human being.  I am honored to have had Guerrier in my life and to have him as a life-long member of the Le Flambeau Foundation family.” – Mr. Jean St.Lot-Gervais, Le Flambeau Foundation President

The is the essence of the Le Flambeau Foundation .  We have been gifted and we pass forward these gifts so that others may also have opportunities to take us the next step forward.  Mr. Guerrier Dorlus takes his life strides with this principle ingrained in who he is and we thank him for this.   He is a man of great value  who makes us proud.  The world is changing.  The future is bright!

Amanda Kralj Hill – U. S. / Hong Kong

– Le Flambeau Featured Leader, September 2012

In moving forward we must first look back and recognize those special individuals who were pivotal in getting us to where we are today, and who will always be a part of our makeup.  These are the Le Flambeau Featured Leaders, individuals who selflessly lit the torch and passed forward their gifts for the longer-term benefit of our Haitian youth, our global citizens, and our communities throughout.

Featured is Ms. Amanda Kralj Hill, a friend and an advisor to Le Flambeau Foundation Le Flambeau Foundation .  Amanda’s exemplary contributions in innovative IT applications, passion for education, character, and commitment to making a sustainable difference;  played a leadership role in giving birth to the Foundation’s on-line presence and innovative learning platforms.  She  continues to nurture this growth as an advisor to the Foundation.   Following is a recent interview with Amanda.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am originally from Wisconsin in the USA. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering and a Master’s from Northwestern University. I now live and work in Hong Kong. My biggest hobby is travel. I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world, learn about different cultures, and have amazing experiences connecting with others. I am also into cooking, music, scuba diving, photography, reading, and writing. Professionally, my work involves connecting people across cultures and locations in order to share their experiences, knowledge, and expertise. This involves technology, understanding of human behavior, cross-cultural communications, and much more. It is an exciting space to work in, because it is constantly evolving and multifaceted. And it is all about helping others to connect and share, which I find personally rewarding.

What is your perspective on education and the role that it plays?

I think education is the cornerstone for any country. It is how to advance as a society and a way to grow an economy. Education is an investment back in the people. I think education is key to developing countries such as Haiti to evolve. While money and aide is very important to developing nations, an education is a direct investment in a person that does not just teach them a trade or a skill, it is showing them that they matter and have a role to play in this world. The potential in Haiti is great, and expanding their educational resources may be the tipping point it needs.

What is your perspective on technology and the role that it plays in any country, particularly in Haiti?

I see technology as an enabler for success within a country. With such an interconnected world today, we now have unprecedented access to content, knowledge, ideas, and people than ever before. If a country or individual does not have this access, they are not able to fully participate and reap the benefits of the world we live in. I think that for people in countries like Haiti, having technology not only helps them to learn and expand their own minds, but gives them an opportunity to share their experiences as well.  It gives them a voice to the rest of the world that may not be known or heard.

Is there anyone in your life that you feel made a difference in how you’ve chosen to impact others? While there were so many people in my life who really showed me what it means to impact another person, there are two people who stand out and showed me by example.

First, was my grandmother, Maryann. She always encouraged me to dream big. She taught me that if I wanted to live my dreams, it would take hard work and that you must give back to the world what you have received. I learned from her example – she lived life modestly, laughed often, readily helped others, and loved openly. I strive every day to live by her example. I would not be where I am today if it were not for her love and support.

The other person is Steve, who has been a father to me in every sense of the word. Steve taught me that it is okay to just be myself and that you should be passionate about life and share your talents with others. I was lucky to see this in action in the people he worked with and among family. And people loved him for it, because he did it with humility and humor. He taught me the importance of seeing the humor in life and how that can connect people across cultures. Through his example, he has shown me what it means to live life to the fullest and the joy one receives in helping those around you.

What difference do you most want to bring to the lives of those you work with?  Why?

I want to help people see the world around them in new ways. We are all from different parts of the world, different walks of life, with different ideas and experiences. If I can in some way help a person see things from another’s perspective without judgment, then I am glad and feel I have made a difference. I think we need more understanding in the world and should embrace our differences. We learn so much when we can just listen openly without judgment.

Why Le Flambeau Foundation ? …why did you choose to donate your time and talents to this organization?

When I first met Jean and Sheri, I felt like I had met long-lost family – we shared many things in common, especially our views on the world. In many ways, it felt like we were meant to meet one another. While I did not know much about Haiti at the time, I shared the same feeling that education was the way to help people in this world. The passion they both have for what they do was and is infectious. Also, the more I learned about Haiti, the more moved I was by their history and their people. I am honored to be able to help in any way and be a part of what Le Flambeau Foundation is doing.

What is your vision for the future?  What bit of advice do you wish to offer to our youth of Haiti?

My advice – never lose that fire you have within for a better future – for yourself and for Haiti. Keep striving for more and work hard to achieve. And pay it forward by helping others out and sharing what you have learned and achieved along the way.

They say that everything happens for a reason and we believe this to be true.  We met Amanda in China and knew that it was by design that we came across one another.  The timing, the setting, and the passion we all had for making a difference through education was phenomenal.  Everything fell into place.   The rest is history.

Ms. Amanda Kralj Hill serves as an excellent role model for all of us.  Lighting the torch and selflessly passing it forward to help others is Amanda’s life story.  This spirit connected us with Amanda and is the same spirit that will make a sustainable difference in Haiti and throughout our global communities.  As Le Flambeau Foundation moves forward we look back and recognize the value of what Amanda brought, and is still bringing, to our lives.  I am fortunate to have been included in this circle and feel that in writing this feature I am passing this spirit forward.  We each have the same opportunities to be the spark that makes the life-changing difference for someone.  Amanda’s example sets the bar high for many more. Kind regards,

Sheri Colas-Gervais Le Flambeau Foundation Inc.
The Le Flambeau Featured Leaders series is focused on recognizing outstanding individuals who played pivotal roles  in the initial stages and forward movement of the Le Flambeau Foundation .