TOEFL Information

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language™) is a standard test requirement for all higher learning U.S. institutions for international students (including Haiti), who wish to apply for attendance at U.S. schools.  If you apply for a standard Le Flambeau Foundation college scholarship, your first step will be to take the TOEFL test and then submit your results in order to initiate the full application process.  The Le Flambeau Foundation targets a minimum score of 75 on the TOEFL test.  The test is taken electronically over the internet and is administered by ETS.  There are two test-taking locations in Haiti.  The schedule, including fee requirements, is listed below.  We encourage you to go directly to the TOEFL Website (click here) for more information on the TOEFL test.  The Le Flambeau Foundation has a number of preparatory programs, such as THE SPARK of Le Flambeau language exchange program, in place to assist students with preparing for the TOEFL test.  There are also other tools and tips available via the TOEFL website.

Note:  please check the TOEFL site for the most current schedule and fees.  All arrangements to take the test should be made directly with the TOEFL office.  To find test schedule options for Haiti click here.

Note that a fee of $180 U.S. is required by the TOEFL office (as of 12/31/19) and is to be paid directly to TOEFL per their directions.  Reservations must be made early – there is a $40 late fee if reservations are late.  All fee matters must be handled directly with TOEFL.