Haiti in Davos at World Economic Forum

The President Martelly to the 42nd World Economic Forum in Davos Haiti Libre, 01/25/2012 07:23:16 The Haitian President Michel Martelly, left the country early this Wednesday, January 25, to Davos, Switzerland, to attend the 42nd World Economic Forum taking place around the theme : “The great transformation: Shaping new models.” This forum will bring together … Read more

Haiti Receives EU Delegation

Garry Conille receives an EU delegation Haiti Libre, 01/20/2012 14:50:30 Yesterday afternoon, the Prime Minister of Haiti, Garry Conille received to the Primature a delegation of the European Union (EU) composed of Mr. Carlo De Filippi, Chargé d’Affaires, Mr. Lucas Cibor, adviser politics, Mr. Benoist Bazin, head of the infrastructure section, Mr. Paul Webber, head … Read more

A success story in Haiti: Teach a man to fish

Tilapia farming as a model for Haitian development.  This is Chapter Four of a four-chapter GlobalPost Special Report titled “Fault Line: Aid, Politics and Blame in Post-Quake Haiti.” GlobalPot, Donovan WebsterJanuary 10, 2012 22:48 CROIX-DES-BOUQUETS, Haiti — VALENTIN ABE probably never saw himself as the savior of 17 different villages in Haiti in the post-earthquake … Read more

Haiti marks anniversary of devastating earthquake

BBC News, 13 January 2012 Ceremonies have taken place at grave sites across Haiti, where a huge earthquake devastated the country exactly two years ago. Many women wore white dresses, while men dressed in black to attend church services.  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on international donors to continue their support for Haiti.  The … Read more

Haiti: 2 years later, where’s the money?

GlobalPost, January 10, 2012 22:25 PM This is Chapter One of a four-chapter GlobalPost Special Report titled “Fault Line: Aid, Politics and Blame in Post-Quake Haiti.” It was written by Donovan Webster.  (Photo: AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa) PORT-AU-PRINCE – To see where the enormous sums of humanitarian aid directed to Haiti after its catastrophic earthquake in … Read more

Haiti still rebuilding after deadly ’10 quake

By Jonathan LaPook, CBS News, January 12, 2012 7:03 PM  (Credit: AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa) (CBS News)  Two years ago Thursday, Haiti was pummeled by a Magnitude 7 earthquake in which some 316,000 people died. Many more lost their homes. Since then, there has been some progress in rebuilding. CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook … Read more

January 12th Youth Perspectives – Hernice

Expressions from our youth as we recognize the 2-year mark of the earthquake in Haiti.   This section is open for comments during the week of January 12th. Name:      Hernice Age:           22 City:           Camp-Perrin, Haiti Background:  Lives in Haiti, had family in Port-au-Prince at time of earthquake, was a participant in THE SPARK of Le … Read more