Haiti Women Protesters Denounce Violence, Political Instability

Barron’s, By AFP – Agence France Presse, April 3, 2021

Hundreds of women protested in Haiti’s capital on Saturday, denouncing gang violence and political instability that they say could lead to a new dictatorship.

At the demonstration marking the national day for the Haitian women’s movement, the protesters deplored the rising power of gangs in recent months which has led to a spike in kidnappings for ransom in Port-au-Prince and other provinces.

“The women who have been kidnapped are raped and sexually assaulted, so today we must put at the center of the debate, beyond the kidnappings, the impact of the (security) situation specifically on women,” activist Pascale Solages said.

April 3 is the national day of the Haitian women’s movement, marking the…

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