Voices From Haiti – Nathalie Joachim

FrameBridge, July 2, 2020

“Although I’m a musician, my heart really lies with connecting people.”

Nathalie Joachim is a first generation Haitian American classical musician whose 2019 album Fanm d’Ayiti (Women of Haiti) was nominated for a Grammy for Best World Music Album. Flute, strings and electronics all play into the sound, but it’s the voice elements—hers and the voices of Haitian women, that made Fanm d’Ayiti such a special project for Nathalie.

The desire to connect with female voices from Haiti came after the passing of Nathalie’s maternal grandmother, an influential person in her own life. Music-making was central to their relationship and her grandmother’s voice was representative of a lot of Haitian women. Nathalie recalls a common experience among Haitian children who have memories of female voices while growing up, whether it’s their mother while cooking, grandmother while cleaning or other women who create community and home spaces.

“I was given an opportunity to bring light to the voices of female artists from Haiti. That really made me look into my own culture and…(to read more click here).