THE SPARK of Le Flambeau Winners 2018

THE SPARK of LF header, EMails, updatedTHE SPARK of Le Flambeau is an on-line language exchange program focused on extending educational opportunities to bright under-served youth in Haiti, now in its eighth year.   The program aims to improve fluency in English language reading and writing in preparation for TOEFL and improve access to more immediate employment options in Haiti, for youth in Haiti.  An introductory micro session  is in process with a new group of students.  The session is running for four weeks.  Following are winner updates.

Week #1

We had an impressive first week of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau! The topic was EDUCATION. Congratulations to Hermeline as THE SPARK of the Week. As noted by the Grader, “Hermeline did the best job of answering all parts of the question and managed to include a personal example in her response”. We are now in week #2 with another fantastic topic – Management. The winner will be announced shortly. Bravo!

Week #2

This was an outstanding week #2 of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau! We discussed MANAGEMENT. Congratulations again to Hermeline who won THE SPARK of the Week. Hermeline, in addition to answering all parts of the question, “thoughtfully included how leadership brings together different strengths”, as noted by Grader Bijou. Our discussion this coming week (#3) is on – Technology. Nice teamwork by all!

Week #3

We had another impressive week of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau! Congratulations to Vicktho for week #3 as he won THE SPARK of the week title for this session on TECHNOLOGY.  As noted by our Grader, “…he provided a clear definition as to what he believed were basic needs and thoughtfully utilized the word of the week”.  Nice work!  We are in our final discussion with a grande finale topic – Human Rights; a topic that is closely related to Haiti and to Le Flambeau Foundation.   Can’t wait to read more.

Week #4

Congratulations to Dales for our final session, week #4, as he won THE SPARK of the week title for our discussion on HUMAN RIGHTS.  As noted by our Grader, “I would like to congratulate Dales on being our winner for this week. Dales took the time to really understand what was said within The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and took an analytical lens from both a historical and current day perspective.”

Who will be the grand winner?….stay tuned.  Bravo to all!


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