10th Anniversary – Vicktho Remarks

The following remarks were received in the form of a letter and presented by Le Flambeau Foundation Board Director Joseph Puchner at the 10th Anniversary Awards Celebration held on October 26th, 2017; at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Gleacher Center; in Chicago IL.  Vicktho Desforges is a past Le Flambeau Foundation student, a member of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau, and a current youth leader.

Written August 19th, 2017

Vicktho Desforges2I greet you in the precious name of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, and I take this opportunity to thank you for the sacrifices you made during the summer holidays 2016 to give us this course.

At the beginning of the class, I was expecting that in the end I would have learned new knowledge in the English language. The way you taught me pleased me a lot and you used the right methods of learning. The thing that was most valuable to me was showing me the importance of honest and a good personality.. To be honest, I congratulate you and also the Le Flambeau Foundation for thinking of me and I am proud of you.

009flrThrough education, which is the key to any door to success, the foundation supported me until I got a job in the preventive health field thanks to the support it gave me and now I have a salary that my dad and mom never had the chance to get. It must be said that I am in a very large family because I have many brothers and sisters that is to say I have a great responsibility.

Currently, I work for the Ministry of Public Health and Population as a health officer and would like to do a specialty in water treatment to help my community with the cholera epidemic raging in the country. I ask for your help to enable the realization of this dream that I have to help my country.

I wish you good continuity and I would like your program to continue to reach more young people in the educational field to save our dear Haiti.

Best regards


Cap-Haitien, Haiti