Holiday Highlights 2016

December 24, 2016

Dear Friends:

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! It seems as if the year 2016 came and went in the blink of an eye and we now find ourselves facing the end, and the beginning. Natural disasters, political shifts, and economic restructuring; all played a role in this year’s story.

From a Le Flambeau Foundation standpoint we were so proud to watch our scholar Ruchama take her graduation walk, having overcome incredible challenges – she is a “shero” and role model for future generations. In May of 2016 scholar Ruchama earned her BA from College of the Ozarks with a major in accounting and a minor in music. At the same time our scholar Danice completed his junior year of college in the U.S. and launched his senior year with a major in economics – we are looking forward to his graduation in May 2017. We also had an active spring semester with THE Ruchama Graduation walk May 8 2016, closeSPARK of Le Flambeau, running for its eighth year, where students in Haiti exchanged their views on important timely topics all in English. This summer also launched our internship program spearheaded by a college student who committed to spending her summer in Haiti developing and teaching English to local youth via an innovative performing arts platform. The students exceeded all targets and are already requesting its return for next summer.

officialPulling back and reflecting on the bigger picture, noted are significant changes in play that stimulate important longer-term considerations in global and local circles. I believe that the ultimate destination will always be a good one and it is within our abilities to be the difference that we seek. Haiti continues to be a focus in the news, in our thoughts, and in our conversations. Economic rebuilding is a joint affair that we, as global citizens, must continue to influence, and to DO. The challenges of natural disasters were unexpected and again reminded us of our priorities. Infrastructure must be pro-actively strengthened. Education is the foundation from which economies and communities grow. The power to change our future is in the education of our youth – a proven model that offers positive outcomes for all of our interconnected communities.

Lives are continuously being changed – those of our youth and those of their friends and families. As you end the year do keep us in your mind and heart…and consider including us while making your year-end donations. Join us by leaving your legacy and beginning the new year with a refreshed view. We are looking forward to 2017 as it marks our 10-year anniversary. Miracles happened…all in a blink of an eye.

Whether you’ve been with us for the past ten years or are new to the movement, thank you for what has been and will continue to be a successful passing of the torch!

Warmest Season’s Greetings,

 Le Flambeau Foundation Inc.

Board: J. St.Lot-Gervais, J. Puchner, T. Wright III, G. Collingwood, S. Colas-Gervais

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