THE SPARK of Le Flambeau 2016 Winners

THE SPARK of LF header, EMails, updatedWe are pleased to announce the winners of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program, for the spring semester 2016.

Thank you for your feedback.  Results from the votes received were taken into consideration by our Grader as final winners were selected; the decisions were difficult.

Our compliments are extended to Grader Bijou who demonstrated remarkable commitment to making winners out of all of us despite a demanding schedule of her own. To all student team members who were active throughout this spring session of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau, you were and are what this program is all about – we could not have done it without you.

KendyTo THE SPARK of Le Flambeau award winners – Congratulations!!! You will be receiving your award certificates in May and will be contacted directly with details.

To our supporters throughout the past eight years of this program – keep it up! The support of computers (we are now out and welcome more donations), TOEFL stipends, other educational awards, and program expenses has been priceless…bring more to this wonderful circle, lives are touched and elevated, and it is changing our world.

As you head into the spring and summer break remember to always carry the torch and to be the spark that passes forward the knowledge, the discipline, the integrity, and the team spirit of progress; as it will serve as a positive change agent for those you touch – a neighbor, a friend, a stranger, etc. Your actions will make the difference for you, for Haiti, and ultimately for our entire global community. May it always be most positive.

Stay in touch!

Warmest regards,

Le Flambeau Foundation Inc.
Board Directors J. St.Lot-Gervais, J. Puchner, T. Wright III, G. Collingwood, S. Colas-Gervais


 THE SPARK of Le Flambeau Winners – Spring 2016

Most Improved Award was earned for making the most impressive strides forward
 Schebna /Camp-Perrin, Delmas
Most consistent participation, providing comments each week
 Cedrick / Jacmel
Best performance in writing comments. Judging based on spelling, vocabulary, grammar and correct use of the Word of the Week
Wigemsley -Hinche
Most substantive information in each of the weekly comments – everyone learned something new from his or her comments.
Delange – Jacmel
The Team Spirit award is presented only on special occasions.  The recipient selflessly nominated new members and shared his knowledge and opportunity to excel.
Jackson – Jacmel
THE SPARK of Le Flambeau
This is the top spot. Earned for having offered the most well rounded presentation.  Based on observation of progress, substance, teamwork and perseverance.  Exhibited leadership and made the strongest impression.
 Kendy – Jacmel
Congratulations to all!
Le Flambeau Foundation Inc.
 This spring session was an “all Haiti” session.  See previous winners (Haiti/U.S. session)