Human Rights – Tamiyou

By Tamiyou, December 2014 – an alumni member of THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program, living in Haiti, student, youth leader.

I think “Human Rights” is the first step in the long journey toward harmony and peace among nations. We realized that wars among us will only lead us to endless sufferings. We are now on the second stage of the three stages of our evolution. Because we went from animal mindset (fights, battles) to the emotional state (the questioning and consciousness).

The concept of the human rights has been strengthened by United Nations Organization. The UN declared it Universal. And it brought it to the minds and hearts of people around the world, among future nations.

For when the two world wars took place, the international community gathered to make the human being the base; the center of the international relations.

Those wars have changed the course of international relations. For now, the Universal Declarations of the Human Rights is the foundation of The United Nations Organization (UNO). Since its creation, a lot of nations – including Haiti- voted the adoption of these concepts to prevent this world from falling into this human disaster caused by the two world wars.

The UNDHR sets the true position of the human being in this world. The adoption of this declaration means that The Nations, the founding members, measured the significance and the power of it. They saw the light of HOPE to this humanity and brotherhood we all dreamed for.

Let’s not waste the efforts of our ancestors, and make this dream come true by considering everyone as a Brother, as oneself. Let’s not wait for natural disasters.

We need FAITH, to believe that we are moving and heading forward and changes are happening when there are no moves in sight.

This is what we need to include in educational system, here in Haïti and abroad to help children grow up with the basics of human rights.

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