January 12th Youth Perspectives – Hernice

Expressions from our youth as we recognize the 2-year mark of the earthquake in Haiti.   This section is open for comments during the week of January 12th.

Name:      Hernice

Age:           22

City:           Camp-Perrin, Haiti

Background:  Lives in Haiti, had family in Port-au-Prince at time of earthquake, was a participant in THE SPARK of Le Flambeau program at time of earthquake and continues to participate.

Hernice’s Perspective: In such a date, I am more than proud, flattered and honored to share my perspective in memory of a great event in the history of my country, Haiti and all those who died, injured and up to date terrified and traumatized, the Earthquake of January 12, 2010.

We all know, over 300,000 thousand deaths and Port-Au-Prince and surrounding almost reduced to powder and under the rubles, just a few seconds and we could not even see the blue sky that has lost its color because of the dust of our lives and our buildings crushed. We had all weakened soul, tormented and upset and the only thing everyone had in mind was “find his own, or hear from them” despite the limited means and hope we have left.

Although some think and believe that the earthquake of January 12, 2010 was and would still only one loss, total Haitian loss of social, economic, tourist, cultural, political capacities properties and wealth etc.. However, after some time of analysis and having work with youth groups of reflections on the reconstruction of Haiti and in the Spark of the Flambeau Foundation, I have come to the conclusion that “it was not only a loss but again also “and I realized how much this earthquake has changed my life. Some young people wanted me to have pronounced the sentence “it was not only a loss but a gain also” because we’ve all lost loved ones and even our hopes of continuing our studies and our dreams, but I went to above all because this event has opened my eyes and it’s true. It took an event like this for us to realize the situation and the disgraceful conditions in which we all lived in Haiti, to discover the real problems of the Haitian society at all levels which had to be resolved for a long time and how that our former political leaders have ignored these problems, fled these, pretending to ignore it for fear to face reality. My eyes are open to the weaknesses of the entire system of our society. One thing was sad, but one side was for me important and necessary in this event: all was lost and it would allow us to reconsider, again to zero, reconcile, rethink, renew and build better, not just buildings as in the past but a Haitian Nation, a positive vision of freedom, equality and fraternity, not only for today but for a promising future for Haiti and each of his son. A new exit door is opened after the event!

The earthquake has not changed only this in my life, you know, because after all, this was an opportunity for me to realize that me and the youth of Haiti no longer have the right to fail anymore, my commitments, my responsibilities, my role in society become more massive and more important and even necessary in the development of Haiti, in the life of my family and those who live around me, as a young leader and future. Someone, “Flaubert PHILDOR, my uncle, the only one in my family who had a profession, awarded (licensed) in Legal Science died in this event. He was for us the only hope of the family, a way out for us”. When I’ve heard the news, I felt more responsible for my future and my family, more and more efforts to accomplish, and a longer way to go. During these two years, I always continue doing my activities and any Debate between young and influencing them as much as possible, taking a course in mechanical industry, and my main activity is the Spark of Le Flambeau Foundation, which permit me learning a lot, proving my ability, my leadership, sharing my dreams and my passion for the reconstruction and bright future for Haiti. This program also allows me to have temper on me, and hope for a better future for our Youth. I also take this opportunity to say again a special “THANK YOU” to the Le Flambeau Foundation and the US young students for their belief and confidence in the Haitian youth and for all their supports.

I remain to believe that the January 12, 2010 earthquake, despite its damage, its consequences, the tension of its destruction, has given and bring us so many lessons, we were able to know us and our problems, our mistakes, the current situation and condition in which we lived, our friends and how the International Community helps us and we were dependable for Haiti. Since then, I see the future, that we have an open door that gives us all the opportunities to reconsider, again to zero, reconcile, rethink, renovate and build more buildings and not just as in the past but a Haitian Nation, a positive vision of freedom, equality and fraternity, not only for today but for a promising future for Haiti and each of his son. A new exit door is opened after the event! I also see myself in the future as a leader and every time I will do something good it would be in memory of all those who lost their lives in this event, those who have survived, those who help us and our ancestors.

I see a bright Haiti and a successful Youth!  As Le Flambeau believes, The Torch is Lit!