Haiti Receives EU Delegation

Garry Conille receives an EU delegation

Haiti Libre, 01/20/2012 14:50:30

Yesterday afternoon, the Prime Minister of Haiti, Garry Conille received to the Primature a delegation of the European Union (EU) composed of Mr. Carlo De Filippi, Chargé d’Affaires, Mr. Lucas Cibor, adviser politics, Mr. Benoist Bazin, head of the infrastructure section, Mr. Paul Webber, head of the Rural Development and Mr. Jeroen Witkamp, head of the economic section.

The engineer Florentile Latortue, Prime Minister’s advisor on infrastructure and construction, also attended the meeting during which various issues relating to reconstruction of the country were discussed, particularly with respect to the strategic plan, to the programming of the EU in Haiti, the current projects and how better support the Government in achieving its priority objectives for 2012.

“I wanted to meet you so that we can together see how I could help you in your work of support to Haiti,” announced at the beginning of the meeting the Prime Minister Conille.

The representative of the European Union Mr. Carlo De Filippi, has for his part announced to the Prime Minister Conille that Brussels wanted, among other things, enhance and strengthen its presence in Haiti, “the political commitment of Member States to work with the Haitian authorities are renewed at the highest level today through this meeting.”